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NHS Changes - Wales

The Welsh Government’s vision for the NHS in Wales is outlined in the document Together for Health, the five-year vision for the NHS running until the end of 2016.

It is based around community services with patients at the centre, and places prevention, quality and transparency at the heart of healthcare.

The NHS in Wales underwent structural reconfiguration in 2009 when 22 Local Health Boards (LHBs) combined with seven NHS Trusts to form seven Local Health Boards:

Three NHS trusts remain:

NHS in Wales: further changes since 2012

Since 2012 the NHS in Wales has been undergoing further reconfiguration in a bid to centralise some services, and to change the way services are delivered. There is an increasing emphasis on providing services closer to people’s own homes.

The NHS in Wales continues to embrace prudent healthcareprinciples in relation to how services are developed and provided.  The principles are:

  • achieve health and wellbeing with the public, patients and professionals as equal partners through co-production
  • care for those with the greatest health need first, making the most effective use of all skills and resources
  • do only what is needed, no more, no less; and do no harm
  • reduce inappropriate variation using evidence based practices consistently and transparently

Planning for health service delivery is through the NHS Wales Planning Process resulting in the development of Integrated Medium Term Plans (IMTPs).

In NHS Wales, planning, not market is the agreed approach by which health boards and trusts will develop and manage healthcare services.

Service development across Wales in certain specialty areas is taken forward through a range of Health Delivery Programmes.


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