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NHS Changes - Scotland

The Scottish government health department is developing proposals to increase the integration of health and social care services through the formation of Health and Social Care Partnerships. These will be the joint and equal responsibility of health boards and local authorities. Legislation is expected to be introduced to the Scottish Parliament in 2013.

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The Scottish Government consultation proposed two options for the governance of the Health and Social Care Partnerships:

  1. delegation between partners and
  2. delegation to the Health and Social Care Partnership, established as a body corporate.

The objectives are intended to ensure that:

    • Health and social care services are firmly integrated around the needs of individuals, their carers and other family members
    • that they are characterised by strong and consistent clinical and care professional leadership
  • that the providers of services are held to account jointly and effectively for improved delivery
  • that services are underpinned by flexible, sustainable financial mechanisms that give priority to the needs of the people they serve - rather than the organisations through which they are delivered.

The National AHP Delivery Plan

The National AHP Delivery Plan was published in June 2012. The Plan seeks to maximise the contribution and effectiveness of the allied health professions in the delivery of health and social care services in Scotland.

Significant proposals include:

  • AHP directors to work towards ensuring that emergency admission services have dedicated access to physiotherapy
  • AHP directors to continue to ensure redesigned musculoskeletal pathways are implemented within NHS boards
  • By 2014, self-referral should be the primary access route into AHP services.

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