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Raising the profile of physiotherapy

Influencing toolkit 1

What can I do?

51,500 If all CSP members in the UK relentlessly tell everybody how effective physiotherapy is, then we'll be heard.

Your priority is treating patients but take action on just one suggestion below to help create new opportunities for physiotherapy and to ensure that your service continues.

  • Tell friends, family and colleagues what physiotherapy can do. For example, physiotherapy speeds up hospital stays, gets people back to work and sport, prevents injury and illness, prevents a hospital stay, and helps people feel fitter and more confident
  • Get your patients to spread the word, make sure they have a good experience of physiotherapy and ask them to tell others about it
  • Put copies of Frontline and CSP Physiotherapy Works briefings in your waiting rooms. Go to and/or ask for copies at
  • Go to CSP English Regional Network events to share what’s happening in your region
  • Visit your CSP English regional web pages to keep yourself informed
  • Find out about the new health care system and other opportunities for making a difference at

What is the CSP doing?

Working hard for its members. See updates on CSP activity at and in Frontline. Attend English Regional Network meetings to hear updates.

Why is this so important now?

There is good evidence that physiotherapy can promote good health and save money. We must spread this message, nobody else will do it for us. You report to CSP that posts are being lost, down banded and not recruited to. It’s not too late to act to change this.

What difference can I make?

Working together we can make a difference. If 51,500 CSP members in the UK relentlessly tell everybody how physiotherapy is both effective for patients and cost-effective then we’ll be heard. So whether you’re a new graduate, a student, an associate member, a manager or a professor your voice is important. Use all opportunities to talk about physiotherapy and this is particularly important if your manager or team lead is not a physiotherapist.

‘Being involved in your English Regional Network will help you in your job, help you develop yourself and your services. By getting together and gathering information you empower yourselves. Then people will see you and you can build a profile’ Sarah Bazin, CSP Vice President

And it's great CPD!

What? What have you learned by taking action to tell people that physiotherapy is positive for health and cost-effective.

So what? How does your learning impact on you/your service?

Now what? How will you apply my learning?

Do I need to learn anything else? Update your CPD at

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This information forms part of the CSP's influencing toolkit

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