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Topic alerts

Keep track of new books, theses, e-docs, reports and websites added to the CSP Online Library Catalogue.


You can set up Selective Dissemination of Information alerts (SDIs) on the CSP Library Online Catalogue.

The system will send you an email alert as often as you choose, listing records that have been added to the OPAC in your area(s) of interest.

This is a member-only service. After logging in to this website, access the online catalogue and you will arrive in ‘My Account’.

Setting up alerts from the CSP online catalogue

  1. In 'My Account', select the SDI tab
  2. Click on 'Add SDI profile'
  3. Enter a descriptive name for your new SDI in the 'Description' field 

File 103709

In the 'Subjects' field you will see a list of subject headings used to catalogue records in the OPAC. Look through the list for subjects of interest.

Alternatively if you know of an existing catalogue record on your subject, you can check that record to see which subject headings have been applied to it.

To select a subject, highlight it and click Submit. The Subject is displayed in the list of 'Subjects currently included'.

Repeat the process to add more Subjects to your SDI: simply select another subject from the list and then click submit.

You can also select multiple subjects by holding down the Ctrl key as you click on the list. If you select more than one subject, the 'And or Or between subjects' field defaults to 'Or'.

If you cannot find a relevant subject or have a specific term in mind, you can use the Keyword Search String field.

You can set the frequency of your alert by using the Frequency field. Every month is a good general frequency.

Enter your email address in the Send to field. If you wish to enter multiple email addresses, separate them using semi-colons.

Finish by clicking on the submit button.

Using alerts from the CSP online catalogue

You can set up as many SDIs as you wish, covering different subjects. Alternatively you can include all your subjects in a single SDI. 

Each time an SDI alert is due, the system checks all new records added to the OPAC which meet your criteria since the last email was sent.

You will receive an email only if there is at least one new record meeting your criteria. Old alerts remain available for 99 days.

Search alerts and saved searches in bibliographic databases

Most bibliographic databases allow you to set up a literature search, and set it to run again at a frequency set by you or automatically when the database is updated.

You will be sent all the new references that meet the search strategy you have saved. The results are sent to you by email.

When you are logged in to this website, you have access to the following bibliographic databases:

  • AMED
  • Cinahl
  • Medline
  • SportDiscus (on Ebscohost)

With Ebscohost you need to register with the site, shown in the picture below. Access Ebscohost via the bibliographic databases page.

If you are a first-time user you will need to create an account, using the Sign In box.

File 103710

Run your search in the normal way, using a combination of Subject Heading and/or text words.
When you get the results you would expect to get in your alert, save that search as an alert.

  • In Ebscohost select ‘Save Searches/Alerts' (pictured below)

File 103711

The databases will now automatically run your searches, and email the results to you.

Google scholar

Using Google Scholar, you can carry out literature searches and choose 'create email alert'.

You will then be notified when new articles have been added on your specified topic.

File 103712


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