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Education and student funding in England

Physiotherapy education and funding in England is changing. 

CSP response to the government

Following the decision by Council, CSP members and staff have developed the position further on a number of key points of concern and importance to the profession, students and HEIs.

What’s happening and why?

Government plans

The Westminster government has announced changes to the funding arrangements for physiotherapy education and students in England from 2017/18.

The CSP is trying to influence the new arrangements, to ensure there are enough student places to meet future needs and demands.

Information on this page will be updated as implementation of the proposed funding changes becomes clearer.

Growing the profession

Latest developments

Many services are currently finding it difficult to fill vacancies, so more physiotherapists need to be trained.

To meet increased patient demand, the CSP have calculated that student numbers need to increase by 500 per year up to 2019

CSP response to the proposals

CSP statement

CSP Council recognises that the tuition/student loan model could create an opportunity to increase the number of physiotherapy students in England.

The number of physiotherapy training places would not need to be limited because most of the costs will no longer be met by the NHS.

CSP support for the proposed change to the funding model depends on any new system ensuring the following:

  • Expanding the number of university places
  • Safeguarding entry to the profession from all parts of society
  • Upholding education quality and workforce supply (including during the period of transition)

Funding in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

The systems for funding physiotherapy education are different in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The planned changes affect only England, but the CSP will monitor the impact of change in all four countries.


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