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An outcomes approach to CPD

Critical thinking and reflection is at the heart of using an outcomes approach to CPD.

An outcomes-based approach is:

  • planning and evaluating your CPD activity in line with identified learning needs, interests and goals
  • using day-to-day practice, and reflecting on learning achievements and needs to develop professionally
  • recognising that you have diverse and changing needs as you progress through your career.

CPD outcomes model

The CSP's CPD outcomes model provides a framework for you to demonstrate your continuing professionalism, linked to your scope of practice, by providing evidence of your CPD against six broad outcomes.

The outcomes reflect the complexities of professional practice and the diverse roles and settings in which chartered physiotherapists now work.

Using the model should enable you to:

  1. understand, work within and respond appropriately to the limits of professional practice
  2. demonstrate effectiveness in practice
  3. practise within the profession's moral and ethical framework
  4. think critically about personal practice and its context
  5. deal appropriately with the new and non-routine
  6. communicate and collaborate effectively.

How do the outcomes model and portfolio development fit together?

Keeping a portfolio is the best way to demonstrate evidence of your ongoing learning.

Using the outcomes model framework in conjunction with your own portfolio helps you plan and structure your CPD effectively. This can be done on the CSP's ePortfolio system.

Professional registration, regulation and revalidation

As well as keeping on top of your own learning and development, using the framework and a personal portfolio also greatly facilitate your own professional registration.

All health professionals registered with the HCPC and practising in the UK are required to go through the HCPC registration renewal every two years.

This process now includes the requirement to supply a profile on request to demonstrate fulfilment of the standards for CPD set by the HCPC and tested through a sample audit.

All registrants are expected to be able to demonstrate that their CPD is a mixture of learning activities relevant to current or future practice. Even more reason to keep on top of your own CPD.


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