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Your ePortfolio

Find out about upcoming changes to member e-Learning systems and access the current CSP ePortfolio.

You will need to log in the website to access this member-only resource.

Coming soon: better E-learning

Can you help us test the new systems?

We are looking for members to help us road test the new VLE/ePortfolio systems. It doesn't matter if you are a regular user of the current ePortfolio or not, we'd still like you to be involved. Please get in touch via email.

Catch up on news

For more information on planned changes to CSP E-Learning, please read the new blog.

The CSP is moving to a new ePortfolio provider and launch a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in the coming months: we are currently building and testing for a December launch.

new ePortfolio

The new ePortfolio has a clean, crisp look. It will contain familiar templates and CPD tools to help you to plan, to reflect, and record your achievements in a space that is easy to access and navigate – whether you use a PC, mobile or tablet. The new ePortfolio will go live in November to give you time to export the content of your current ePortfolio account into the new space before the end of December.

Virtual Learning Environment

The Virtual learning environment will allow CSP to create or host courses, modules or stand-alone activities to help you engage with topics relevant to your practice. The VLE will be available in early 2017 and will launch with eLearning resources focused on:

  • leadership
  • business and Marketing skills
  • scope of practice
  • professionalism
  • research

The VLE and ePortfolio systems are designed to work together. So you will be able to access and work with eLearning content in the VLE and store evidence of your learning in your ePortfolio with just a couple of clicks.


If you have content stored in your CSP ePortfolio account, please take the opportunity to review what you want to take with you into the new ePortfolio system. The new ePortfolio system will go live in November – so keep an eye on CSP’s website for information and support about how to export the content you want to keep for uploading into your new ePortfolio account when it goes live.

We'll be keeping members up-to-date with the latest news and information about what’s happening with the new ePortfolio and VLE on a blog, and will be posting updates, alerts and countdowns on the website and iCSP.

The ePortfolio is a CSP member-only tool. You will need to log in the website to access the new-look ePortfolio.


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