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ePortfolio system requirements

Check that your computer or mobile device is configured correctly to use the ePortfolio

Check your settings

Please check your settings and browser information against the system requirements below before contacting the CSP for help.


The ePortfolio runs on Flash. Please download the latest version of Flash. If you use the ePortfolio at work and don’t already have Flash installed, you will need to ask your IT team to install it on your computer.

Pop-ups and Javascript enabled

If your Internet browser has a pop up blocker installed you will need to adjust your browser settings to allow pop ups. You will also need to make sure Javascript is enabled.

Internet Browsers

Please ensure you have the latest version of your browser downloaded. Click on the links below to download the latest version of your browser:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari – please note that Apple are no longer updating Safari for PC users. This is the last available version. Mac users can update Safari through Software Update.

If you use more than one type of Internet browser to access the ePortfolio, you may need to download Flash twice, ie: Flash for Internet Explorer will not work with Firefox.

Mobile and tablet version

If you are using a mobile or tablet, you will automatically be taken to the mobile or tablet version of the ePortfolio. Pebble are continuing to develop the functionality of these versions. For information about the features available in these versions, please visit the help sections via this link:

Mobile and tablet versions help

Accessibility version

If you use a screen reader it is recommended that you use the accessibility version. To change your settings so that you are automatically taken to this version, please follow the link below, and click on the "Login Options" button. Select the "Open in HTML (best for accessible users)" option, and tick the "Save these settings as my default". Click on the "Login to Pebble+ button", then on the next window click on the "Select" button. This will redirect you to the CSP website ePortfolio page, where you can access your ePortfolio account as normal.

CSP membership website login

To access your ePortfolio account, you must be logged into your CSP website member account. If you cannot see the login button on the 'my ePortfolio' page, please check you are logged into the CSP website, and that this account is linked to your CSP membership, before contacting us for help. If your website account is not linked to your CSP membership, please contact us via email:


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