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Common questions



Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the process by which professionals maintain and develop their skills, knowledge and competence in order to practice safely and effectively.

Who does CPD apply to?

Physiotherapists and physiotherapy support workers must be:

  • actively engaged in CPD
  • documenting and evidencing your CPD
  • applying learning from CPD to your practice

- to maintain and enhance their...


Reflective practice is a process by which you: stop and think about your practice, consciously analyse your decision making and draw on theory and relate it to what you do in practice.

Critical analysis and evaluation refocuses your thinking on your existing knowledge and helps generate new knowledge and ideas. As a result, you may modify your actions, behaviour, treatments and learning needs.

Make time to write down your reflections, as this process often helps clarify...


The CSP recognises that you will need to undertake different amounts and different types of CPD during your career and does not, therefore, specify how many hours of CPD you must undertake per year.

However, while most employed members have access to a certain amount of time for formal CPD opportunities, less formal CPD activities are not always allocated sufficient time in work hours.

Within the Society's...

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