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Support worker questions


A support worker is someone who provides care under the direction of registered or qualified Allied Health Professionals (AHP's) through delegation and appropriate supervision.

They usually fall within the Agenda for Change pay bands 2-4 and are currently not regulated. They can be profession specific ie supporting physiotherapy or work across professions ie supporting physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Band 2 - Basic Assistant
Band 3...


Support worker posts are often advertised on a local basis by recruiting trusts and other employers. The requirements for these posts will vary from organisation to organisation depending on their specific needs. If you are seeking work, you could compile a list of potential employers in the area you wish to work eg London or Birmingham, and send a copy of your CV with a covering letter to those potential employers, giving a clear indication of why you are interested in the work of a...


At the moment there is no national recognised entry qualification to become a support worker although evidence of previous care work or the possession of an S/NVQ in healthcare would be advantageous. There will be an expectation that applicants will have a good level of general education, particularly in relation to skill areas like communication. Further information on career development and existing qualifications is available for our associate members.


You can join the CSP as an associate member if you are working as a support worker, meaning your work is delegated to you by a Chartered Physiotherapist or qualified Allied Health Professional and you are supporting the delivery of physiotherapy totally or as part of that role.

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