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Career development: personal planning

Find out how personal development plans and other resources can help you develop and support your own physiotherapy career.

Personal development plans

A personal development plan (PDP) is an essential tool in helping you consider, and record answers to, such questions as:

  • why you want to progress into a particular area?
  • what you want from your career progression?
  • what you want to keep doing and what you don't mind letting go of?
  • what your current strengths and weaknesses are?
  • what specific competence, knowledge and skills you need to get to the next stage?
  • how you might develop these?
  • and what or who might help or hinder your progression?

A PDP is only the start of the planning process though. Use other resources to you identify skills, knowledge, competence and opportunities for progression within the physiotherapy profession, and more widely within healthcare.

Other planning resources

Professional development frameworks and tools

There are a large number of development frameworks and tools that can help you identify where you are at and where you need to be in relation to skills, knowledge and competence. See more about them on our professional frameworks page in this section of the website.

Post-qualifying programmes

The benefits of high-level academic study such as a postgraduate diploma, a masters degree, a professional doctorate or PhD include:

  • enhancing your clinical reasoning and analytical skills
  • developing your powers of independent thinking and encouraging you to take a more evaluative and innovative approach to practice
  • extending your awareness of the importance of research methods, activities and findings and of applying these to clinical practice
  • developing your confidence in your professional role and decision-making
  • enhancing your communication skills and developing your professional confidence
  • increasing your enthusiasm for greater knowledge, critical thinking and career-long professional development.

See full details post-qualifying programmes accredited by the CSP.

Finding support

Once specific career goals have been identified, and it is clear what skills and knowledge are required, you will need support in developing your competence. A variety of sources can help you with this:

CSP ePortfolio

And finally, once new skills and knowledge are gained, evidence of your competence should be captured in a portfolio. See our ePortfolio section for further details.


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