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Careers and development

Physiotherapy is a great career choice if you have good interpersonal skills and enjoy motivating others to achieve. There are many ways to develop within the profession once you've made the first step.

Choose a physiotherapy career

File 206883Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that works with people to identify and maximise their ability to move and function – an essential part of what it means to be healthy.

Browse through our careers questions to see if it's the right profession for you and access the full list of UK physiotherapy programmes where you can study for a degree.

Get started with a physiotherapy career

Advance your physiotherapy career

File 206899Use professional frameworks, personal planning and further academic training to help move your career forward.

And our courses and events search tool will help you find learning opportunities near where you live and in your clinical area.

See more on career development opportunities

Make use of employment resources

File 207178Look for a brand new job or advertise a physio vacancy on Job Escalator, the CSP's dedicated physiotherapy jobs website.

And if you are a UK-trained physio looking to work abroad – or equally, an overseas-trained physio looking for work in the UK – make sure to read our specialised guidance first.

Get help with finding work

Get help with your continuing professional development

File 207181Explore the new CSP ePortfolio and learning hub to support your professional development.

Remember that continuing professional development is a regulatory requirement for physios, so make sure to log all your activities.

Access member resources and guidance

Get help funding your CPD

File 118375The CSP Charitable Trust actively supports members by offering a variety of annual educational awards.

You can also seek funding help for a study programme through external sources such as your employer, public bodies, trusts and foundations.

Find out about Charitable Trust funding

Become a practice educator

File 207186Support students and colleagues, and boost your own professional development by becoming a practice educator.

With the likely advent of physiotherapy apprenticeships (see further below), the need for practice educators is set to become much greater.

Find out about becoming a practice educator

Play your part in practice-based learning

File 168542All CSP members have a responsibility to engage in practice-based learning (PrBL), and doing so has benefits both for yourself and your colleagues.

Stimulate your own conversations and questions on PrBL by reading the CSP's 10 key messages and corresponding myths.

Access the new practice-based learning resource

Being a physiotherapy educator

File 207190The quality and future development of the profession is made possible by the thousand or so members working in physiotherapy higher education.

The CSP offers a range of opportunities for educators to participate in quality assurance processes associated with their role.

Find out about opportunities for educators

Apprenticeships in physiotherapy

File 206991Apprenticeships combining academic and work-based learning could offer a new route into physiotherapy or a master’s degree.

Catch up on the back story behind these latest developments and read the CSP's position statement.

Read about apprenticeship developments


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7 June 2017
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