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Chartered Physiotherapists Interested in Massage and Soft Tissue Therapies

Full name: 
Chartered Physiotherapists Interested in Massage and Soft Tissue Therapies
Area of interest: 
Massage/soft tissue therapy

Biannual Newsletter

Continuing professional development: 

Peer support/mentorship An informal system of peer support operates. A list of members' special interests is available.

Publications The CPMaSTT newsletter is published twice yearly. Information booklets and the group's objectives are provided to new members. In addition, the aromatherapy sub-group collates case studies to provide an evidence base for the use of oils and massage.

Suggested reading list CPMaSTT recommends: CSP (2001), Physiotherapy and Complementary Medicine, PA 48, CSP

Conferences/study days CPMaSTT events are held twice a year.

Promoting research: 

Promoting research awareness Members of CPMaSTT are participating in seven undergraduate projects. For further information contact CPMaSTT.

Who can join: 

Full membership is open to chartered physiotherapists. Other categories include associate/assistant, group (for a department), overseas and honorary. Honorary members are elected by the CPMaSTT committee. CPMaSTT has three sub-groups:

  1. sports massage
  2. aromatherapy and
  3. fascial therapy.

Benefits for members include a modest discount on some publications, peer support, information on courses, recognition by other manual therapy groups, and the opportunity to practise techniques such as myofascial release, Indian head massage and other forms of manual therapy and bioenergy.

Expectations of members: 

Participation in study days is expected and involvement in research and guideline development encouraged. CPMaSTT also aims to reach consensus in the teaching of massage in the qualifying curriculum.

Subscription details: 

Full: £20.00 Retired, Student, Unemployed Graduate, Associate/Assistant £10.00 Corporate, Department £50.00

Outcome measures: 

The group recommends its members use the CSP outcome measures database available on this website.

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