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CSP’s public health campaign goes live

CSP press release published on 5 July 2018

The CSP’s new campaign, Love Activity, Hate Exercise?, has launched to the public.

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More than 2,000 members signed up to receive a resource pack from the campaign, which included posters, flyers and a new leaflet called The Get Active Guide.

The sign-up was the largest for any CSP campaign to date.

Online, the CSP unveiled a range of new member-designed resources for physios to use with patients and for the public to access directly.

These include practical advice on how to overcome the most common barriers to activity identified by patients and the public, along with condition-specific blog posts and inspiring case studies.

A new animation has also been released, getting to the heart of the conflicting emotions patients and the public feel when they hear the word ‘exercise’.

Sara Hazzard, assistant director of strategic communications, welcomed the backing given to the campaign by members.

‘We’re delighted so many members have signed up to start having the conversations that can make a huge difference to the lives of their patients.’

CSP member and public health expert Anna Lowe, who consulted on the campaign, outlined its potential.

‘We really feel that through the expertise of our members, backed up by the new resources we have produced, we can encourage people to be more active and raise the profile of the profession in this area,’ she said.

‘I’d encourage all members – whether they’ve signed up or not – to spend some time on the site going through the campaign materials to see how they can put them into everyday use with patients.

‘This is a big moment for the profession to make a significant contribution to the drive to get people more active.’

The campaign will run throughout the remainder of 2018, including Older People’s Day on October 1.


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