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CSP welcomes social enterprise pay announcement

CSP press release published on 29 June 2018

NHS staff working for social enterprises in England will get the same three-year pay deal, the government has announced.

Claire Sullivan at TUC 2016

Jeremy Hunt, the health and social care secretary, announced the move in a ministerial statement.

Claire Sullivan, director of employment relations and union services, said:

‘We welcome this decision, which we have been lobbying for alongside other health unions.

‘CSP members in these not-for-profit social enterprises are wholly employed delivering mainstream NHS services - they feel part of the NHS and are employed on Agenda for Change conditions, so it is only right that this is reflected in their pay.

‘We will want confirmation that the funding promised is additional to the £4.2 billion already set aside for pay, however, as spreading that pot thinner will inevitably have a knock-on effect elsewhere.

‘And while this announcement is encouraging, there are many other equally deserving groups of physiotherapy staff, such as those in hospices and other charities directly providing services for the NHS, whose organisations are not profit-making and who need their rises funded in the same way to avoid any adverse impact on services to patients.

‘We will now turn our attentions to campaigning for those groups.’

Mr Hunt's statement can be read here.


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