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Reassurance for European physios welcome, but should go further

CSP press release published on 23 June 2017

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has responded to the latest developments regarding the residential rights of EU nationals post-Brexit.

How would Britain leaving the EU affect you?

It is reported that the Government has offered European nationals who have lived in the UK for more than five years permanent residency post Brexit.

EEA citizens who have spent less than five years in the UK would also be able to earn the right to residency after the UK leaves the European Union.

The offer is conditional on the EU guaranteeing similar rights for British Citizens living in Europe.

The CSP believes that all European physiotherapists, student and support staff in the UK should be able to live and work in the UK after Brexit.

It estimates that there is a shortage of around 4,000 physios across the country.

The loss of European colleagues would hit patient care.

The CSP also has British members working in Europe who are concerned about their futures.

CSP Strategy Director Rob Yeldham said:

'This is a move in the right direction, but the Government should go further. All EEA citizens legally in the U.K. at the point of Brexit should continue to have the same rights to live , work and learn in the UK as they have now. The five year requirement is a barrier we don't need.

'We also need to see a clear signal from the EU that the rights of British citizens in Europe will continue after we leave the European Union.'

The CSP is lobbying the U.K. Government on the rights of overseas physiotherapists. As part of both the TUC and Cavendish Coalition it is working with organisations representing other professions and healthcare employers to ensure European physiotherapy professionals can continue to play a critical role in U.K. Healthcare.


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