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Annual physiotherapy awards celebrate dedication, expertise and innovation

CSP press release published on 16 November 2009

The winners of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) annual awards were announced at a celebratory lunch today (16 November) at the Hotel Russell in London.

These awards celebrate the achievements of physiotherapists and associated health professionals across the UK, working in many areas of health and disability, to support people in achieving a better quality of life.

The nominated awards, sponsored this year by Elsevier, worldwide publishers of science and health information, are:

  • Physiotherapist of the Year - nominated by patients
  • Physiotherapist of the Year - nominated by professionals
  • Outstanding Newcomer of the Year (maximum of 18 months post qualification)
  • Support Worker of the Year (associate member of the CSP)

Distinguished Service Awards as well as a number of Fellowships of the CSP were also announced for outstanding contributions in the field of physiotherapy (see note 3).

Ann Moore, Chair of the Professional Awards Panel at the CSP, comments: "These awards reflect not only the wide range of work undertaken by physiotherapists and support workers but also their high degree of dedication and expertise. I am truly proud of our profession for not only striving to resolve patients' health problems and provide the best quality of life for people they work with but also for continually looking for ways to develop themselves and their profession above and beyond their day to day work - which is all to the benefit of both patients and our colleagues in other health professions." The winners and runners up are:

Physiotherapist of the Year - nominated by patients

Halina Baker - joint winner

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme physiotherapist at James Cook University Hospital, Middlesborough, nominated by Cyril Dunn. Mr Dunn was particularly impressed with Halina's personal and individual care, giving clear, thorough explanations about examination and treatment. Alongside her daily work, Halina also conducts healthy walks each week for people who have completed pulmonary rehabilitation to maintain their progress, enhancing their overall quality of life.

Sarah Pickles - joint winner

Sarah, a Community Physiotherapist at Broadmeadow Health Centre, Birmingham was nominated by the family of a patient with Parkinson's Disease and Dementia. The family highlighted Sarah's excellent communication skills and the fact she developed practical, achievable treatment strategies to overcome problems. They commented that Sarah stands out from all other health professionals they have had dealings with, and that she has made a significant difference both to the patient and themselves, the family.

Dionne Moat - runner up

Dionne, a physiotherapist at Walkergate Park Hospital, Newcastle was nominated by Ashley Bell, who has total paralysis and acute neuropathic pain. Miss Bell found Dionne's balanced holistic approach and individual care resulted in her feeling highly supported throughout her physical rehabilitation. Miss Bell comments that she was inspired to embrace a new positive life in the face of profound disability and that the process has helped her to recover her sense of self as well as some mobility.

Physiotherapist of the Year Award - nominated by professionals

Nicola Hunter - winner

nominated by Catherine Fitzgerald for leadership in the field of occupational health physiotherapy, working as an independent provider of musculoskeletal rehabilitation services at Rehabworks Ltd, Bury St Edmonds. Ms Fitzgerald comments "Nicola's procedure manuals, lectures and coaching provide a constant beacon of practical knowledge and application, and is a point of reference for practitioners in occupational health. Many patients have commented on how the programmes provided by Nicola have turned their lives around."

Kirsten Hart - runner up

nominated by Dot Tussler. Kirsten specialises in the management of children with spinal cord injuries at the National Spinal Injuries Centre (NSIC), Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Ms Tussler comments "Kirsten combines effective leadership with expert clinical skills and demonstrates outstanding communication skills and professionalism with the children and their families. She is a solid and robust role model for all who work with her." Kirsten is currently contributing to the establishment of an adolescence service within the NSIC .

Rachel Wilson - runner up

nominated by Susan Wyatt for her inspirational work at Chasely Trust nursing home in Eastbourne. Mrs Wyatt comments that Rachel has significantly developed services for people with severe physical disabilities, not only for the people at the nursing home, but also for those in the community. As a result of her own personal fund-raising efforts she introduced a sound beam system that converts physical movements into sound enabling severely disabled people to experience the joy of creating music and sounds.

Outstanding Newcomer of the Year

Laura Goldie - winner

nominated by Vivienne Fort for her conscientiousness and commitment to patients enhancing their quality of life, comfort and happiness. Laura is based in private clinic in Peterborough. Ms Fort comments that when working with a local charity for disabled people, Laura overcame the limitations in physiotherapy staff time by providing detailed and individualised written and illustrated exercise programmes, which she prepared in her own time.

Support Worker of the Year

Danielle Freeth - winner

Danielle works as a Technical Instructor Grade 2 at a regional limb centre in the Wexham Park Hospital, Slough and was nominated by Kate Mills, Nicky Mansfield and Anna Mughal for her strong patient advocacy, expertise and performance above her banding. Her colleagues commented that Danielle strives continuously to achieve the best for her patients and deals admirably with difficult situations - when a patient expressed suicidal intent Danielle was able to calm them and arranged further support all of which helped to diffuse the situation.

Laura Thomson - runner up

Laura is employed as an Assistant Practitioner Band 4 in Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline, Fife and was nominated by several physiotherapists as well as other healthcare staff for her dedication and enthusiasm for her job, for her holistic and inclusive approach to patient care and for her support for co-workers. A quote from a member of the multi-disciplinary team in which Laura works said "Our team cannot hope to function without her contribution."

For more information, please call the CSP press office on 020 7306 6111. Out of hours please call Jennie Edmondson, Head of Press and PR, on 07786 332197.

Notes to editors

  • The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is the professional, educational and trade union body for the UK's 49,000 chartered physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and assistants. Previous press releases can be seen on this website.
  • NHS referrals to physiotherapy can be gained through your GP, or you can contact your local NHS physiotherapy department, to find out how you can get an appointment. Alternatively, find a private physiotherapist near you at
  • Other CSP awards for 2009 are shown below.

Distinguished Service Awards

Awarded to:

  • Michael Roger Maynard for his substantial contribution to aquatic physiotherapy
  • Deidre (Dee) Robottom MCSP DipMDT for her substantial contribution to physiotherapy
  • Joanne Taylor MCSP for her substantial contribution to physiotherapy in hand services

Fellowships of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Conferred upon:

  • Christine Bithell MA DipEd DipTP MCSP for her outstanding work in furthering education based research and for her vision, support and mentorship of novice researchers.
  • Susie Durrell MSc MMACP BSc MCSP for her outstanding contribution to the advancement of the physiotherapy profession.
  • Lynne Gumery MSc MCSP for her outstanding work and achievements in the field of cystic fibrosis
  • Archbold Harriet Hinchcliffe MBE MCSP DipME for her substantial contribution to the development and application of physiotherapy overseas, developing innovative ways of supporting children and families.
  • Ruth Jones DipTP MEd MCSP for her significant contribution to physiotherapy representation and broader trade union activity in addition to her work as Operational Manager of Paediatric and Adult Learning Services in Gwent.
  • Hilary Lipscombe MEd MCSP HEA BA PGCE CMS for her outstanding contribution to physiotherapy education, physiotherapy in Wales, neuroplasticity, and international partnership working.
  • Jennifer Evelyn Longbottom MSc MMEd BSc MCSP MBAcC for her outstanding contribution to the field of acupuncture as part of physiotherapy practice.
  • Dr Teresa Pountney MA MCSP for her outstanding contribution to the advancement of physiotherapy in the fields of neuro-disability relating to adults, children and young people.
  • Sunayana Ammani Prasad GradDipPhys MCSP for her outstanding contribution to the field of paediatric respiratory physiotherapy.

Honorary Fellowship of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Conferred upon:

  • Professor Roger Woledge PhD: a distinguished muscle physiologist with an international reputation, Prof Woledge has contributed hugely to the academic development of physiotherapy from outside the profession. His intellectual achievements are matched by the friendly and supportive way in which he has engaged with physiotherapists.


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