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CSP response to Government's obesity strategy

CSP press release published on 25 January 2008

The CSP supports proposals contained in the obesity strategy launched yesterday by the Secretary of State for Health.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) supports proposals contained in the Government’s obesity strategy, launched yesterday by the Secretary of State for Health. Of particular note are the initiatives around enabling the healthy development of children; a high profile and enduring emphasis on building physical activity into our lives; and creating compelling incentives for individuals, employers and the NHS to improve health. The provision of personalised advice and support should aim to inspire people to understand and take ownership of 'health goals'.

With obesity a significant and escalating problem in modern society, and the Government’s increasing emphasis on physical activity as a major part of the solution, physiotherapists are in an ideal position to help people make informed decisions on how to lead healthy lifestyles and enjoy maximum quality of life.

Physiotherapists are taking on an increasing role in developing and tailoring exercise sessions to manage weight, for example, running classes for those who have specific medical problems and supervising more generic classes run by exercise instructors.

The Government should take advantage of the knowledge, skills and experience that health professionals such as physiotherapists have as part of its overall approach to encouraging and enabling physical activity and in working with employers to explore how they can best promote good health among their staff.

The CSP welcomes an investment in healthy schools, increasing participation in physical activity and making cooking a compulsory part of the curriculum to educate children on health matters and inform their choices at vital stages in their development.

The £75 million Government campaign to encourage and empower parents to make changes to their children's diet and increase levels of physical activity is a welcome initiative provided that all parts of government, NGOs and commercial interests make a positive contribution to support parents.


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