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Backing rehab in May elections 2017

Join in the CSP's Backing Rehab campaign by getting in contact with candidates in the local May elections in England, Wales and Scotland. 

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Why we need to build support for rehabilitation

After a fractured a hip, a stroke or when coping with a long term condition, getting rehabilitation once you’ve left hospital makes all the difference.  That is, the difference between regaining health and independence or being left permanently disabled or in failing health. 

CSP members and their patients know this better than anyone.

Going to the polls May 2017

On 4 May 2017 there are local elections for all 32 Scottish councils, all 22 Welsh councils and 35 councils and 8 elected mayors in England.

This is a chance for CSP members to ask the candidates standing in their area if they are #BackingRehab and pledge their support for local rehab services if elected.

#BackingRehab Campaign 

The aim of #BackingRehab is to put the spotlight on community rehab services and to build relationships with local elected representatives who may be interested in promoting physiotherapy in the future. With the headlines dominated by A&E and gaps in social care, services that help people reverse damage, reduce dependency and regain health can be forgotten. 

Find out more

Download our Member briefing to find out:

• where elections are happening 

• who your candidates are

• suggested model emails and tweets you can send to them.


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