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Ellie Barton (Paediatric Physio - Specialising in Neuro-Developmental Therapy)

Waltham Forest

E11 1NL
07812 158 519

I am a Children's Physiotherapist, I started working in Paediatrics in 2008 and specialise in the assessment, management and treatment of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities.  I have experience working with children with a variety of conditions, and their carers, including children with neurological, and developmental problems. I have a special interest and knowledge in the provision of early intervention for preschool children and supporting babies born prematurity.

I am Bobath Trained, trained in Sensory Integration Techniques to combine with NDT therapy and have worked with therapists using conductive education approach. I select the most appropriate treatment techniques using a MAES framework: Using analysis of the way children move I can identify what factors may be most restricting their movement; considering the fine and gross motor, sensory, perceptual, biomechanical and cognitive components.

I can then identify and prioritise which specific skills he or she is missing or not using. Then within therapy I can be specific and targeted – with my treatment I can act upon the process of development. I can make changes to how the brain coordinates the body, rather than working to reduce the symptoms we see when the brain takes short-cuts or coordinates on autopilot.

I have always worked very closely with Speech and Language and Occupational Therapists. I find this holistic approach, best improves children’s coordination and alignment and over the long term provides a better outcome for children with Cerebral Palsy and other neurodevelopmental disabilities.

My aim is to enable children to make improvements in how they move that are sustainable and positively impact how they function, participate, communicate and on their ability to learn, play and achieve as they grow and develop into adulthood.

I have worked in the NHS for 9 years, until recently, working with the Children's Therapy Team in Newham.

I have been working privately (alongside NHS since 2010)

Services I Offer and Prices:

Home and School visits in London (mainly East London) and I have a clinic space to see children in Leyton E11.

Physiotherapy Fees:

    Free initial advice over the phone
    Full Assessment: £90
    Treatment Sessions £90
    Yeary Report Free - addisional reports charged at hourly rate.

No charge for Travel.

I also offer Joint Sessions with a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist - Please enquire for details and prices.


For more information about me and my therapy check out my blog:

Children's Physio Blogger - Useful information for Parents and Physios from a Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist


Also check out and read more about MAES Therapy - it has truly revolutionised my practice:

I work with Jean Pierre Maes at the Maes Studio in Finchley, currently twice a week - so all children I work with will have the opportunity to be seen at the studio.



MAES Therapy Cerebral Palsy Treatment Centre in London

MAES Therapy is a cerebral palsy treatment centre dedicated to the neuro- developmental movement disorder in babies and children’s. We also provide training courses ...




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