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CSP reps’ training gains external recognition

29 November 2017 - 9:43am

Training for CSP workplace stewards and safety reps has gained the quality stamp of approval from the TUC.

CSP reps' training gains external recognition

New CSP stewards display their TUC Stage 1 certificate. photo: John Harris

An external moderator from the National Open College Network (NOCN) carried out a rigorous assessment of reps’ training courses provided by the CSP and has given the thumbs up for ‘the quality and consistency of the learning’.

The upshot is that CSP stewards receive the TUC Stage 1 Certificate quicker, after completing the national ‘induction’ course. The certificate is equivalent to the TUC’s 10-day stage 1 course.

Furthermore, the CSP is now trusted enough to verify its own recommendation for the award of credits, requiring less moderation from the NOCN.

Les Docherty, the CSP’s TUC moderator, said: ‘This reflects the hard work gone into ensuring CSP reps achieve full recognition for their learning.’

Claire Sullivan, CSP director of employment relations and union services, added: ‘This is powerful external recognition that CSP national training is both relevant and high quality, ensuring our workplace reps are fit for purpose.

‘It also represents a boost to the careers of members who take on the role of steward. By receiving a formal recognised qualification, it helps them in their own professional development.’

The CSP currently inducts over 150 new stewards and safety reps every year.

Find out more about the stewards network and how you can get involved.

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