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LGBT physios step out for Belfast Pride

4 August 2015 - 4:42pm

CSP flags were held high on the 25th annual Pride parade in Belfast on Saturday which drew crowds of up to 40,000.

LGBT physios step out for Belfast Pride

Members of the the Health and Social Care LGBT staff forum in Belfast

Allied health professionals rallied behind the banner of the Health and Social Care LGBT staff forum which includes trade unions and the Public Health Agency.

Physiotherapist Gerrard Finnegan said: ‘This was the first time the CSP has had a visible presence on Belfast Pride. We’re hoping get more physios on board next time.'

The forum has 200 people on its mailing list and holds talks about workplace rights, as well as providing a place to meet.

‘A lot of people wouldn’t be out at work and research has shown a lot of LGBT in the health service are not represented well,’ said Mr Finnegan.

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Physiotherapist Gerrard Finnegan

Tom Sullivan, public affairs and policy manager for Northern Ireland, said: ‘LGBT people in Northern Ireland want the same rights as their fellow citizens in the rest of the UK.

‘The introduction of legislation for civil marriage for same sex couples would be a very welcome step forward in achieving equality for the LGBT community here.’

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