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CSP website tops UK union charts

26 June 2015 - 11:25am

The CSP’s website has topped a 2015 league table of 50 trade union sites, many of them owned by much bigger organisations.


Mobile accessibility has helped drive up the number of visits to the CSP website to 235,000 a month

The league table was compiled by Sheffield-based digital consultancy Infobo, which each June rates the websites of all TUC-affiliated unions.

‘It’s fantastic news that our site is ranked top among all unions – including those of Unison, Unite and others which have much bigger memberships,’ said Rob Ledger, the CSP’s head of online communications.

‘The ranking is based on how influential Google and other major search engines assess each union’s website to be. Content from sites with higher influence appears further up search result pages.’

Mr Ledger said that he and his team had worked to raise the visibility of the site – and hence of the value of the physiotherapy profession – on search engines. The CSP’s web team had also developed the site to make it easy to use on mobile devices, another key factor in search rankings.

Visits to the CSP website have gone up 35 per cent over the past two years, and now number about 235,000 unique visits each month.

‘Our challenge is not just attracting readers, but making sure they take away positive messages about physiotherapy and the value of the work that CSP members do on behalf of patients,’ said Mr Ledger.

Gary Henson has been the website’s news editor for the past five years. He said that the active engagement of members has been one of the key factors to help make the site a ‘go to’ showcase for good physiotherapy practice.

‘Over the past 12 months we’ve heard from so many members who have been keen to tell us about how they’re improving healthcare for people around the UK,’ he said. ‘So a big thank you and please do keep your story ideas coming in.’

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