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Members urged to help recognise the work of reps

11 June 2015 - 10:36am

Time is running out to submit nominations for this year’s CSP Rep of the Year awards. The deadline is 30 June and members who have previously nominated their reps are urging others to do the same.

Members urged to help recognise the work of reps

Previous award-winners Martin Hamilton and Carl Adams

Amanda Barfield is a rehab assistant at the Royal South Hants Hospital, part of Solent Health Trust. Last year she nominated Carl Adams, a neuro-physio and CSP steward, who was highly commended.

She told Frontline: ‘How many people think about their rep on a regular basis? They may be a friend and or colleague or just a name you are familiar with.

‘But when your back’s against the wall, when you need to know about some policy, or need financial signposts and an ear to listen then they are there.

‘My rep Carl has been my rock, my friend, my confidant and a fountain of all knowledge. He has been totally dedicated to his rep post and has the ability to achieve a conclusion that works.

‘Pick up your pen, phone or email and nominate your rep. Don't wait till you need them to realise and appreciate all that they do. Let's look after them. Nominate your rep and make them feel good.’

Stuart Browne, a senior acute physiotherapist at St Mary’s Hospital on the Isle of Wight, agrees. Last year he nominated Martin Hamilton, a community physio and CSP steward at the hospital, who was also highly commended.

‘I nominated Martin for all his hard work behind the scenes,’ said Mr Browne.

‘A lot of organisational change requires preparation and research and he does this brilliantly. He combines his steward role with his full-time post and yet is able to keep us all fully informed of issues, proposals and decisions as they happen.

‘There is a lot of work that goes “under the radar” across all aspects of the NHS so it is nice to be able to recognise that work.’

Nominate now

The awards aim to recognise and reward the work of exceptional stewards, health and safety and student representatives. There are three eligible categories

  • steward of the year
  • safety rep of the year
  • student rep of the year

The winner of each category will receive a certificate and a £100 John Lewis voucher at the CSP Awards ceremony in December. 


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