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Associate celebrates 21st birthday on 21st anniversary

11 June 2015 - 2:01pm

Rachel Barrow has gone from support worker to rehabilitation assistant to getting back in to education. Today she celebrates her 21st birthday on the 21st anniversary of associate membership.

Happy 21st, Rachel

Rachel Barrow

Working for a Southport-based medico-legal firm, Ms Barrow visits patients with neurological difficulties and musculoskeletal issues at home in Chorley, Bolton, Liverpool and Manchester. She turns 21 today, 11 June.

Ms Barrow’s work journey is featured along with 20 other support workers in a celebratory series of stories here on the CSP website.

CSP associates member officer Catherine Smith said: ‘The CSP are proud to celebrate 21 years of associate membership and as part of this celebration our talking wall demonstrates how belonging to the CSP can help careers flourish.

‘Like a wall, the CSP provides a durable, secure environment. Over the years our members have evolved with us and we value them all past, present and future.

‘21 years is a remarkable milestone and the CSP would like to congratulate Rachel Barrow on celebrating her 21st alongside ours. Happy 21st Rachel and all our associate members.’

21st anniversary celebrations

Nominations for the associate member 21st anniversary award, which recognises excellence and championing the patient’s voice, are open until 5pm on 30 June. Members can nominate their colleagues in all categories using the link below.

Associate members are also encouraged to attend Physiotherapy UK, with special knock-down rates available now using the link below.

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