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Highland physios warn staff to beware of their chairs

29 May 2015 - 11:35am

A Scottish health board is championing a physio-led campaign that encourages NHS staff to spend less time sitting down.

Highland physios warn staff to beware of their chairs

The campaign is part of NHS Highland’s health and wellbeing strategy. Download the poster below

Occupational health physiotherapists Lesley Marshall and Michelle Smith created the Beware of the Chair campaign in 2014, which is now part of NHS Highland’s official health and wellbeing strategy.

The physios, from Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, have developed a 20-minute group presentation and a series of posters, leaflets and stickers that promote less sedentary behaviour.

Ms Marshall told Frontline: ‘We are trying to empower people to change their lifestyles. We would like to change the culture at work so that it becomes acceptable if, for example, standing is included as an item on the agenda for meetings.

‘We want to make people healthier and we know that if we have fewer employees with musculoskeletal problems we will have fewer off sick.’

The campaign’s suggestions include:

  • holding standing meetings
  • standing up three times every hour
  • using standing desks
  • going for walks at lunchtime
  • standing up when on the phone, having a coffee or eating lunch

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