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Physiotherapy works briefing makes the case for properly resourced seven-day services

15 May 2015 - 3:02pm

The CSP’s latest physiotherapy works briefing aims to help physios influence discussions and decisions about delivering seven-day services for patients.


Steve Tolan, the society’s head of practice, said: ‘This briefing provides an opportunity to consider some of the issues and solutions around seven-day working. It’s a starting point and can be used in discussions with managers and others as an evidence resource.’

The document calls for seven-day services to be properly resourced and funded. Peter Finch, the CSP’s assistant director of employment relations and union services, warned that any attempt to deliver seven-day services with the resources allocated to a five-day one would fail.

Physiotherapy should not be seen in isolation, the briefing says. Pathway re-design must include all the professions required to provide integrated services, avoiding delays, repetition and inefficiencies.

The briefing says service re-designs should involve innovative approaches to skill mix. Staff must be available to optimise patient safety and changes to working patterns must be considered in consultation with staff and their union CSP steward.

‘We support the view that physios can provide value to patients seven days a week, but it’s important to understand and manage how this is operated,’ said Mr Tolan.

And Mr Finch added: ‘In our view current unsocial hours payments act as an enabler to seven-day services. Any reduction or removal would have a detrimental ability on the NHS to secure safe staffing levels.’

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