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Workout at Work Day project continues to inspire healthy habits in Wales

23 March 2015 - 12:56pm

A short-term project inspired by Workout at Work Day (W@WD) last year has led to ongoing healthier habits by most of the participants.

Workout at Work Day project continues to inspire healthy habits in Wales

A workout led by physio James Rind in Cardiff’s Heath Park for Workout at Work Day 2014. Photo: Michael Hall

In May 2014 Cardiff-based occupational physiotherapist James Rind marked the CSP’s health promotion day by organising a three-week walking project for local workers.

‘The aim was to encourage people to build physical activity into their working days,’ said Mr Rind.

‘So I met with the group every Monday and took them for a 45 minute walk, and then I encouraged them to do something independent on Wednesday and Friday.’

Nearly a year on Mr Rind decided to collect some feedback from the people who had taken part. He emailed the participants and asked if they had been able to integrate walking into their day-to-day lives since the project ended.

Out of the 11 people who participated six replied. Two of them reported that they were still taking regular lunchtime walks and two said they were when the weather was good, and intended to increase their activity levels in the summer.

Mr Rind told Frontline: ‘Although this was a very small study, I think the feedback is quite significant. Considering this was a three-week project with just one contact session per week this is a nice and meaningful result.

‘The project seems to have made some useful impact and as ever the case for maintaining support is clear.’

One of the participants said: ‘Since the project I have made a conscious effort to walk to and from Cardiff central train station as often as I can and even during winter. And when the weather gets a bit nicer I hope to start walking again during lunch times.’

Another person who took part said: ‘After our sessions I did continue walking throughout the summer. I walked to work and back every day and I actually felt much healthier. And I also felt like I had more energy throughout my work day as the walk woke me up.’

W@WD 2015

This year physiotherapists in Wales will be celebrating W@WD by holding an exercise class at UNITE House, where the Welsh CSP office is situated.

Mr Rind will also be leading an early morning exercise class for tenants in the building, and other occupants of the street – which includes offices for the Welsh NHS Confederation and Public Health Wales.

To date 87 CSP members have registered to run W@WD wellbeing events on 12 June.

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