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Unions agree new NHS pay offer for England

12 March 2015 - 9:30am

Health unions, including the CSP, have agreed to accept the government's revised pay offer to NHS staff in England for 2015/16.

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Peter Finch: 'We will continue to press for any future pay awards to be fair for all members.'

The unions met on 9 March, following consultations with their members. CSP members agreed the revised offer in a consultation conducted via the stewards’ network.

The deal will be implemented as from April.

CSP assistant director Peter Finch said: ‘Although this brings to an end the pay dispute this year, the CSP recognises the need to now focus on ensuring the role of the NHS pay review body is not undermined and that, following the general election, any new government recognises that over the past five years CSP members have seen a real terms cut in pay of between eight and 12 per cent which needs to be reversed.

‘We will continue to press for any future pay awards to be fair for all our members.

‘We are aware there are increasing signs of recruitment problems in physiotherapy and this further underpins our campaign to ensure our members receive a fair reward for their skills and hard work in delivering quality services to patients.’

NHS pay in the countries

The government in Scotland is due to make an announcement on NHS pay for 2015/16 by the middle of March.

In Northern Ireland, unions continue to press the health minister for a decision on the settlement for the year starting April 2015.

In Wales, the unions and government have already reached a negotiated two year settlement for 2014/15 and 2015/16.

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