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ARC15: CSP members must shape the healthcare debate, says Karen Middleton

10 March 2015 - 12:35pm

The CSP must become one of the UK’s most influential healthcare organisations, chief executive Karen Middleton told the society’s annual representative conference.

CSP members must shape healthcare debate says Karen Middleton

Karen Middleton commended CSP members' passion, commitment and enthusiasm. Photos: Lorne Campbell/Guzelian

‘I don’t just want us to be reacting to arguments, I want us to be shaping the debate. I don’t want us to just be at the table, I want us to be active participants,’ she told delegates in Manchester this morning.

Ms Middleton said pay had been an extremely difficult issue for members in the NHS over the past year.

She told delegates that the joint unions had, the day before, accepted the revised pay offer for staff in England and described the one per cent rise to NHS staff in Scotland as ‘paltry’.

She also referred to the number of members working overtime to fulfil their duties: 'What was once described as "discretionary effort" is now normal working hours,' she said.

And she paid tribute to the CSP activists and members who had supported their striking colleagues.

‘We need more members to be active to exert more influence and if we could all convince just one other member to say “we” should rather than “the CSP”, it would make such a difference,’ she said.

File 145771CSP membership now stands at 53,000 physiotherapy staff

With CSP membership standing at more than 53,000, Ms Middleton argued that the physiotherapy profession could be extremely influential.

‘We have to infect all those members not in the room right now, with our passion, commitment and enthusiasm,’ she said.

Ms Middleton emphasised the CSP’s successful lobbying for independent prescribing in Northern Ireland and for an expert member to join the committee on women’s health in Scotland.

She described the society’s Physiotherapy Works programme as probably the CSP’s most high-profile campaign and said a focus on older people ran though most of the work.

‘We have to show that, while the NHS’s greatest success is enabling people to live longer, physiotherapy is what can give that extended life quality.’

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