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First stop Tredegar as CSP members stand up for the NHS

9 March 2015 - 2:50pm

Physio staff gathered earlier this month in Tredegar, the south Wales birthplace of the founder of the NHS Aneurin Bevan, to launch the latest chapter in a campaign to save the NHS.


CSP Wales steward Louise Wright said the turnout was excellent

The People's March for the NHS hit the road in Tredegar on 1 March. It has been followed by marches and rallies throughout England and is due to culminate in the People’s Convention for the NHS on 11 April in London.

CSP Wales stewards Louise Wright, Leighton Powell and Keith Finn took part in the Tredegar event, where Welsh actor Michael Sheen delivered a passionate defence of the health service.

Ms Wright described the turnout as ‘excellent’, despite the cold, wet weather. She said that many nurses from local hospitals were there with their children, joining nearly all the 300 people who walked from Jarrow to London last year to save the NHS.

'We marched from the clock tower at noon, from the square down to the park following the fire engine with its flashing lights,’ she said.

'The women on the march see this as their civil duty and vow to continue their support for our NHS at all the marches across the country.

‘They are asking for everyone to stand up and support them by turning out and adding their voice all the way up until the general election.'

Mr Powell added that he attended the event because ‘protecting the NHS is paramount'.

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