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Millions watch as physio sings solo at the Royal Albert Hall in memory of the First World War

8 January 2015 - 3:16pm

An army physiotherapist was chosen to sing solo at the Royal Albert Hall as part of a First World War commemoration that was watched on TV by millions of festive viewers

Captain Skye Manton

Proud and honoured: Captain Skye Manton (left)

Captain Skye Manton, who works at the military’s regional rehabilitation unit in Aldershot, took part in the BBC2 series The Choir: New Military Wives. But she was plucked from the chorus by TV choirmaster Gareth Malone, and given the soloist’s role for the finale of a special War Horse Prom concert.

Footage of the commemoration and its build-up was broadcast just before Christmas and was watched by more than two million viewers, according to figures from the Broadcasters Audience Research Board.

Captain Manton auditioned successfully. Then, after being put on the spot and asked to sing immediately, she was given the solo part.

‘I have sung in choirs throughout my life and the Military Wives Choir Foundation allowed me to start singing again after a few years of not being able to do so due to my job and moving around. It is due to them and my role that I was fortunate enough to be given this once in a lifetime opportunity.’

‘I was immensely proud and honoured to be involved and it was a huge honour to stand on that international stage along with 99 amazing ladies,’ she said.

As part of the TV programme, Captain Manton interviewed her grandfather who was shot and captured during the Second World War. She has also lost friends in Afghanistan and in her job as a physio she treats patients injured in conflicts.

The series is available on BBC iPlayer until 22 January 2015.

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