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Physios count in making sure baby is safe

19 December 2014 - 1:09pm

Physios should advise pregnant women to be aware of unexpected changes in a baby’s movements, said physiotherapist Rebecca Pullen who is collecting used stamps to fundraise for charity Count the Kicks


Senior physio Rebecca Pullen with daughter Victoria

She believes all physios in contact with pregnant women can play what could be a critical role in raising patient awareness of how to monitor movements and when to call their midwife.

Changes in foetal movements – whether more or fewer – can be a sign that the baby is in distress.

‘As an outpatient physio I wouldn’t have thought to ask if a baby’s movements were normal, but if you are more aware it can help to make pregnant women more aware and empower them to seek medical advice,’ she said.

Ms Pullen, who is a senior physiotherapist at Kent Community Health trust, began volunteering for the UK charity after her daughter Victoria was born by emergency caesarean section at 34 weeks.

‘I noticed that she wasn’t moving as much and it turned out that the placenta had come away. If I hadn’t gone into hospital to be checked then I and my daughter might not have survived,’ she said.

Unfortunately, many of the charity’s volunteers did not have a positive outcome to their pregnancies.

To fundraise for information leaflets, Ms Pullen is taking part in the charity’s stamp recycling challenge. Her goal is to collect stamps weighing 20kg (3st 1lb) by new year’s day, which will raise £250.

So far she has collected seven kilos, but she will continue the challenge throughout 2015. ‘We've already had a great response from the local community. However, we've still got a long way to go to meet our target. I desperately need help to spread the word, in the hope that we can collect as many used stamps as possible.’

To support Ms Pullen, email:

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