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‘Bouncebackability’ tops physios’ key skill requirements, Antrim event hears

4 December 2014 - 5:53pm

Video: The Physiotherapy Works series of events continues apace, sharing the value of promoting physiotherapy. Lynn Eaton reports from Northern Ireland.

Physiotherapy Works in Northern Ireland 4

CSP members turned out in force for the event at the Dunsilly Hotel in Antrim

‘Bouncebackability’ was the order of the day for physios at the CSP Northern Ireland event on 27 November in Antrim.

Belfast-based Jane Rankin, the lead for the lymphoedema network in Northern Ireland, was one of the key speakers at the Physiotherapy Works Locally event.

She coined the ‘bouncebackability’ phrase as she outlined the need for resilience as members started to promote their work more.

‘If you lose the first battle it doesn’t mean you have lost the war,’ she said, talking about what she’d learnt in the last 10 years.

She recognised that, like many of her physio colleagues, she was a perfectionist and (according to her husband) could be a control freak. But she also finds it hard to say no and – as a result – is always busy.

Video: Jane Rankin, lead for the lymphoedema network in Northern Ireland

‘We need to learn that good enough is okay,’ she told the 100-strong audience, which represented 10 per cent of the entire CSP membership in the country.

Members needed to learn how and when to communicate with the key decision makers, to understand who those people were and what they most needed to know.

She told of how she’d wanted to get funding for a project two years ago and needed to get approval from a senior manager who normally had a three-month wait before staff could get to speak to him. She asked for an appointment to be told he had a slot in just 10 minutes time. Despite having had no time to prepare her written project proposal she seized the opportunity.

‘I had to shoot from the hip but this guy really wanted to know the bullet points and what he could do for me,’ she said.

‘So don’t sit back and wait for them to come to you. They won’t. You have to be a bit more canny about how you approach people – to become more like politicians ourselves. What makes your team different?’

  • The day-long seminar was part of the Physiotherapy Works Locally series of events taking place around the UK where members can hear firsthand about the CSP’s three-year programme to raise the profile of physiotherapy.
  • Other speakers at the Northern Ireland event included Northern Ireland chair Teresa Ross and CSP chair, Sue Rees, who spoke of the importance of collecting baseline data as comparative evidence to demonstrate the value of a project.

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