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Physios needed for pilot scheme to help practice educators gain reaccreditation

24 November 2014 - 3:28pm

More recruits are required for a pilot scheme that allows qualified practice educators to be reaccredited through their local university.


Physios Emma Crawford and Deirdre Winters both participated in the reaccreditation pilot

The CSP pilot has been running since summer 2014 and there is still time to get involved before the end of the year.

Members who are ACE practice educators and are based near Glasgow Caledonian, Queen Margaret, Teesside, Hertfordshire and Ulster universities are eligible to take part in the pilot.

For more information contact education adviser Jennifer Duthie via email before 31 December:

To date six accredited physiotherapy practice educators have successfully completed the pilot. They are Cathleen Hunter, Mark McGlinchey, Nicola Rowe, Barbara Houlding, Emma Crawford and Deirdre Winters.

The six physios had all previously completed the accreditation of clinical educators (ACE) scheme. But the ACE qualification is only valid for five years, after which time practice educators must demonstrate how they have maintained their professional status. This can involve attending further courses.

However, under the pilot scheme physios can provide evidence that they meet all the necessary requirements by completing an online form. A statement is required from at least one learner who has received support from the practice educator, to endorse their knowledge, skills and values.

CSP education adviser Jennifer Duthie told Frontline: ‘The reaccreditation process is worthwhile and provides the opportunity to reflect on and improve practice and contribute to CPD.

‘And if you are an accredited practice educator with any of the universities participating in the pilot, it’s not too late to take part if you can submit a proforma by the end of December.’

Five universities are participating in the pilot. They are Glasgow Caledonian, Queen Margaret, Teesside, Hertfordshire and Ulster.

Pilot physios

Emma Crawford, a trauma and orthopaedics physio at Belfast health and social care trust, volunteered to take part in the pilot and told Frontline: ‘I think this new format is a wonderful way to demonstrate knowledge without the need to attend a course.

‘In these days of fewer staff members and tighter budgets it’s often not convenient to be released to attend courses. An online format to reflect advances in one’s knowledge and skills, such as self-directed learning, is a useful tool.’

Deidre Winters, a learning and development facilitator at the same trust, also participated in the pilot. She said: ‘I thought the process was very efficient. It promoted reflection on my practice and provided an opportunity to think about how I can further develop in my current role.’

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