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New funding will allow learning champions to connect across the UK

28 August 2014 - 12:25pm

A network of CSP continuing professional development (CPD) champions will spread from England to the rest of the UK, thanks to funding from the CSP Charitable Trust.


Interested in becoming a learning champion? Email the project below

The society’s Championing CPD project, which was previously funded by the TUC’s Union Learning Fund, is to be extended to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland over the next year.

The initiative aims to highlight and support members’ learning and improve the quality of care and outcomes for patients. And it now has a focus on issues highlighted by the Francis report, which emphasised compassionate care and ensured patients were put at the centre of all healthcare decision-making.

Around 150 physios in England have signed up as CPD champions, using their own CPD experiences to share their learning and improve patient care. But there is no target for extra numbers as the project goes UK-wide.

CSP professional adviser Gwyn Owen, who is leading on the project, said the goal was to understand how learning affects physios’ practice, look at learning in different settings, and explore new ways for learning to be shared.

A championing CPD network exists on iCSP, the society’s member networking website, but technology such as Skype might be used with physios in the Shetland Islands who have already expressed an interest in the project.

During the current phase of the project Ms Owen will be mapping existing CPD champions and analysing their strengths and needs. There is no ‘job description’ for champions, because interest is sought from physios working in all fields and at all stages of their career.

‘We want to be flexible both in what the champions are doing and how we can support them,’ she said.

Anyone interested in becoming a CPD champion should contact for more information.

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