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CSP flies the rainbow flag

8 July 2014 - 2:08pm

The CSP is supporting efforts to raise awareness of the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people ahead of the Commonwealth Games.


Although the UK has robust laws, in some countries penalties are becoming harsher

The Scottish TUC (STUC) is co-ordinating union plans to ‘fly the rainbow flag’ throughout the games, which begin in Glasgow on 23 July.

The STUC says everyone in Scotland should take pride in hosting the event, but that the discrimination facing some athletes and visitors to the games should not be overlooked.

Forty-two out of 53 commonwealth countries still have laws that criminalise consensual and private same-sex activities between adults.

Penalties can include

  • hard labour
  • flogging
  • and life imprisonment

The STUC says that by highlighting discriminatory laws it is offering a symbol of hope and solidarity to LGBT people.

Saraka Keating, CSP national officer for equalities, said the rainbow flag campaign was a positive way of using the games to draw attention to human rights.

‘It’s important to remember that all is not well, and this is a good way of raising awareness of these major issues that are relevant across the Commonwealth.’

Although the UK has robust laws in place to protect the rights of LGBT people, she said that in some countries penalties are becoming harsher. A law passed in Uganda in February increased the range of same-sex activities that are punishable by life imprisonment.

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