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CSP calls for collaboration to bridge student placement gaps

12 June 2014 - 9:46am

There needs to be a collaborative approach between higher education and service providers to meet the practice placement needs of student physios, says a CSP briefing paper.


The society is calling for creative approaches to placement provision and more opportunities for team-based learning. Photo: Lorne Campbell/Guzelian

It says a lack of sufficient placements can put students and higher education institutions under strain, and that new ways of supporting practice education need to be developed.

A CSP briefing paper on the subject, published on 9 June, is a response to indications of a shortage of practice placements in some areas of the UK.

It calls for a collaborative approach between higher education and service providers in order to meet the practice placement needs of physiotherapy students.

Piers Baker, the student representative on the CSP council, said: ‘There are delays in getting hold of placements.

‘The demand does not always match the availability and I think it’s good that the CSP is trying to bridge the gap between the two.’

Jennifer Duthie, the CSP’s education adviser, said: ‘The CSP is supportive of practice placement providers and universities working together to find new ways of accessing and delivering student placements.

‘Contemporary practice, high quality educational experiences and the benefits to patients, must be the drivers behind new initiatives.’

The paper calls for ‘creative approaches’ to placement provision, including more opportunities for team-based learning, and improved coordination of how students can access placements.

Ms Duthie said the CSP acknowledges the excellent contribution of more than 6,000 practice educators across the UK.

‘With the changes that are occurring in health and social care provision, this is a good time to expand placement opportunities and grow capacity,’ she said.

‘It’s also a good time to consider how to influence workforce planning to allow capacity to support student practice; and to ensure that commissioners of services ensure the need for student placements is reflected in contracts. ’

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