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CSP calls for patient-centred reshaping of NHS services in Wales

21 May 2014 - 4:35pm

The NHS in Wales has been placed in ‘an unprecedented financial position’ and needs to safeguard its future by reorganising services and by putting patients first.


CSP delegate Louise Wright. Photo: Janina Struk

This was the message contained in a motion put forward by the CSP on the first day of the Wales TUC annual conference in Llandudno, north Wales. The event runs from 20 to 22 May.

The society’s motion called on the Welsh Government to reconfigure all NHS services in Wales. It warned that the restructuring exercise was necessary due to severe funding cuts imposed on the Welsh Assembly by the UK government.

The motion said service reconfiguration should aim to:

  • put the patient at its centre
  • ensure equitable access to services for all service users in Wales
  • provide top quality services
  • promote quality employment

It also urged Wales TUC to work with local health boards to ensure that any service reconfiguration would involve the development of ‘quality services, quality employment practices and joined-up thinking’.

Better care for patients

CSP steward Louise Wright told delegates that the funding crisis was leading to ‘short-sighted’ cost saving measures, such as cuts to staff pay.

She said: ‘What we all want is an NHS that provides the best possible care for people, irrespective of who they are or where they live.

‘But the provision of top quality care, which puts patients at the heart of the service, cannot be provided by staff whose pay is cut year on year, or where employers “salami slice” the terms and conditions of staff.

‘Research shows that staff morale and motivation is severely undermined if they feel constantly under attack, and that, in turn, affects the quality of care for patients.’

The motion was passed unanimously.

  • Louise Wright, representing the CSP, was elected to the general council of the Wales TUC.

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