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Neurological services plan for Wales: CSP lobbying over self-referral pays off

14 May 2014 - 2:17pm

After lobbying by the CSP and patient groups, a Welsh Government delivery plan has recommended that patients living with neurological conditions should be able to refer themselves to physiotherapy services.


Download the delivery plan below

The document, one of a suite of national delivery plans, is designed to improve care for the estimated 500,000 people in Wales who have neurological conditions caused by illness or injury. The effects of such conditions on individuals and their families are often serious and enduring, the plan says.

It acknowledges problems in the way services are currently configured and delivered. Coordination of care is often poor, accessing services is difficult and neurological expertise can be lacking.

The plan focuses on seven themes for improving care, including raising awareness of neurological conditions and targeting research. Under the theme ‘Living with a neurological condition’, it says people should have access to services that promote healthy living and prevent complications. Those who would benefit should be able to self-refer to physiotherapy teams, it says.

Philippa Ford, CSP policy manager for Wales, said: ‘We lobbied hard, with patient groups, to ensure there was reference to self-referral in the plan. It was very important to make that point. It will put pressure on services, but that’s part of getting those services to develop.

‘It’s very important now that physiotherapy services get involved with implementation of the plan.’

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