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Two physiotherapists join NICE programme for fellows and scholars

3 April 2014 - 10:49am

Two physiotherapists have received honours from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as part of its annual fellows and scholars programme.


Physiotherapists Will Carr (left) and Veronica Maynard (right) become NICE recruits this year

Professor Veronica Maynard, lead for evidence based-medicine at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, has been awarded a three-year fellowship.

Will Carr, a clinical specialist in falls prevention at Cheltenham General Hospital in Gloucestershire, has received a one-year scholarship.

NICE recruits 10 fellows each year, usually senior health and social care leaders. They act as ambassadors for the institute, as well as their own organisations, and support NICE in the implementation of its guidance.

Professor Maynard will be working with a network of senior clinical decision makers and experts from NICE to improve the quality of care given to patients.

She said: ‘I plan to use the fellowship to ensure that the principles and practice of evidence based medicine and shared decision making are embedded into the medical curriculum at Plymouth University.’

Falls Prevention

NICE scholars undertake projects designed to improve the delivery of care or evidence-based practice.

Mr Carr will undertake a project on the recently updated NICE guidance on falls prevention for hospital in-patients. He aims to audit current compliance with the guidance in Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and develop and deliver education programmes about the NICE recommendations.

Mr Carr said: ‘It’s not just an opportunity to do a work-based project, but also to learn more about how to integrate with the institute and understand how it functions.’

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