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England members urged to attend NHS workplace meetings on pay

3 April 2014 - 10:40am

CSP stewards will be organising meetings in NHS workplaces from Monday to discuss the Westminster government's pay proposals.


It is Fair Pay in the NHS Day today – get involved!

CSP reps will be seeking views from CSP members on the proposals and how the society should react to them, including possible industrial action. The CSP is working closely with other health unions to co-ordinate any action over pay.

Physiotherapy staff employed by the NHS and related social enterprises should check with their CSP steward for details of meetings – or other opportunities for discussions - in their workplace.

More information about the proposals can be found in the next issue of Frontline (9 April), and further resources, including a briefing and FAQs,will be on the CSP website next week.

Workplace meetings will not be held in Scotland, where the Scottish government has said it will honour the pay review body recommendation for a one per cent across the board rise in full.

There are no plans at the moment to sound out members’ views in Wales or Northern Ireland as the position of the governments in these countries is not yet clear.

It is Fair Pay in the NHS Day today – get involved!

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