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WTUC 2014: ‘Physiotherapy needs long-term investment’

20 March 2014 - 11:48am

Michelle Slack, CSP steward for the East Midlands, said physiotherapists can help prevent ill health but their profession needs long-term investment, not cuts.


Health inequality: Michelle Slack says physios see the effects of austerity in clinics. Photo: Janina Struk

Speaking in support of a motion at the women’s TUC on health inequality, Ms Slack told delegates: ‘In the NHS, we pick up the bill for the great divide between Britain's haves and have nots. This is at a time when the NHS is facing an unprecedented squeeze on funding and growing demands for its services.’

She said CSP members see the results of inequality every day: ‘In plain English, the poorer you are the more likely you will be sick.’

The health and wellbeing of people in the UK are not helped by zero hours contracts, pay freezes, rising bills and benefit cuts, Ms Slack said.

She called for the restoration of decent wages, rebuilding public services and a compassionate welfare state.

‘Austerity and inequality make us sick,’ she said. ‘There is an alternative, let’s work together to deliver it.’

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