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Labour healthcare review focuses on ‘whole person’ care and importance of community services

6 March 2014 - 11:22am

NHS patients could be supported to self-manage long term conditions, under the recommendations of a review commissioned by the Labour party.


Patients would be involved in collaborative care plans. Download the full report below

The independent commission, chaired by Sir John Oldham, on whole person care, titled One person, One Team, One System, sets out proposals that would allow patients to be involved in collaborative care plans.

It also states that the provision of care ‘needs to be better coordinated around the whole of a person’s needs, particularly for older people and those with long term conditions and complex needs’.

The review highlights strong evidence for approaches that work to keep older people well, and recommends that these should be implemented in a coordinated way to provide holistic care.

CSP chief executive Karen Middleton welcomed the report, particularly its recognition that community services are crucial for the maintenance of good health. She said: ‘Community services, such as physiotherapy, allow people to leave hospital quickly and continue their rehabilitation at home.

‘Just as important is the role of community-based physiotherapy in preventing unnecessary admissions in the first place through services like falls prevention programmes and ongoing support for people with long-term conditions.

‘More community support is urgently needed to keep people living both independently and well into later life.’

Maximising independence

The review highlights the work of community resource teams in Pembrokeshire. The multidisciplinary teams, including physiotherapists, social workers and district nurses, provide coordinated care for people in the community.

Swadlincote community centre in Derbyshire includes physiotherapy and reablement facilities aimed at maximising independence as part of its housing options for older people.

Sue Hayward Giles, the CSP’s assistant director of practice and development, said: ‘Physiotherapists are in a great place to support all principles of whole person care and to demonstrate leadership in all of this.’

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