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Care minister Norman Lamb to give people with long-term conditions a ‘right’ to personal health budgets

4 December 2013 - 5:06pm

Physiotherapists will need to find ways of raising the public profile of their services when people with long-term conditions receive the right to a personal health budget (PHB).

Norman Lamb, the Department of Health’s care and support services minister, told parliament’s health select committee on 12 November that ‘a right to have a personal health budget’ will be introduced in England in October next year.

Commenting on the announcement Steve Tolan, head of the CSP’s practice and development unit, said: ‘Patients may opt for any type of service, including complementary medicine, and physios will need to market their benefits more clearly.’

Patient commissioning groups

The new right will apply to people on the NHS continuing healthcare scheme, a package of care arranged and funded solely by the NHS for individuals with complex ongoing healthcare needs.

People signed up to the scheme will become commissioners of healthcare and have a choice of spending their money on services provided by the NHS or by the private sector.

Mr Tolan said that the right to a PHB should give patients better control over the management of their condition, and greater access to treatment in their own home.

‘The NHS will have to recognise these patients as a new commissioning group, and will have to market their services accordingly,’ he said.

‘There may be greater competition, but each service – whether private or NHS – will need to consider what they are able to offer these patients in a more bespoke way.’

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