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Isle of Man physios scoop ‘top team’ award

12 November 2013 - 3:48pm

A nine-member community physiotherapy outpatient team has triumphed in the Isle of Man’s Department of Health Top Team 2013 awards.


Nobel’s Hospital’s musculoskeletal outpatient physiotherapy team with their ‘Top Team’ award

The team, based at Noble’s Hospital in Strang, received the award for a self-referral scheme that increased productivity by 76 per cent and eliminated waiting lists.

The musculoskeletal (MSK) outpatient physiotherapy team picked up the award last month at a ceremony at Noble’s Hospital.

The team’s self-referral scheme, which was launched 16 months ago, has changed how people access physiotherapy from a GP-referral system to a patient self-referral approach.

Physiotherapist Stephanie Maddrell, the team’s MSK lead, said the scheme has ‘turned the service on its head’ and led to significant improvements.

‘Patients are now accessing physiotherapy just when they need it, and they come in without having to wait,’ said Mrs Maddrell.

‘They are ready for the therapy, so they buy into it, and the physios have an hour to see them. The patients are happier and the GPs love it.’

Better outcomes

The new model allows appointments to be provided within three days of referral, at a location that suits the patient.

As well as being seen more quickly, patients respond better to treatment, require fewer sessions and miss fewer appointments, Mrs Maddrell said.

Commenting on the team’s award, CSP self-referral lead Ruth ten Hove said: ‘This is an example of a service which faced significant pressures, took on board the requirements of the local population and built a service that is really patient-centred.

‘As a result it has been extremely successful in increasing productivity, reducing waiting times and empowering patients.’

The scheme has also had a positive impact on patient follow-up ratios.

‘Previously we were averaging about 250 new patients a month and seeing about 600 follow-ups,’ said Mrs Maddrell.

‘But now we’re averaging around 400 new patients a month and follow-ups have really dropped. For example, in May we had 438 new patients and 470 follow-ups.’

Other services in the hospital are considering introducing self-referral models in light of of the scheme’s success, Mrs Maddrell added.

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