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CSP backs rheumatology services campaign

24 September 2013 - 12:54pm

The CSP is endorsing a British Society of Rheumatology (BSR) campaign designed to raise awareness of the value of rheumatology services among healthcare professionals, policy makers and the public.


Find out more about the Simple Tasks campaign below. Photo: The British Society for Rheumatology

Titled Simple Tasks, the campaign will be launched on 3 October and run for two years. It will also seek to increase understanding of the work of rheumatologists and rheumatology health professionals, and increase support for policy that benefits people with rheumatic conditions.

The campaign was developed by the American College of Rheumatology and launched in September 2011 in the US. Having been successful in the States, the rheumatology society secured a licence from the college to adapt and implement the campaign in the UK.

According to the rheumatology society, up to one million people in the UK are living with these rheumatic conditions, but many of those who make decisions about rheumatology services do not fully understand the scale and severity of these conditions.

In addition, many decision makers have insufficient information about the role of rheumatology services in providing cost-effective and clinically-effective care for patients with rheumatic conditions, the organisation said.

In a case study on the BSR’s website, Macclesfield District General Hospital rheumatology physiotherapist Jenny Ratcliffe says the Simple Tasks campaign will be essential to highlight the importance of performing everyday tasks that many people take for granted.

‘It’s in the simple things that life is worked out: can I lie down without pain, can I get off the toilet, will my fingers bend enough to hold a pen or a cup?’ she says.

‘And it’s important to not give up trying and becoming an informed person able to work out more about the way the body works and the whys of effective exercise, rest, planning, sleeping, cardiovascular training and breathing.’

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