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TUC13: Fight for disabled people's rights, says TUC

10 September 2013 - 5:17pm

In a unanimous vote earlier today, delegates supported the rights of disabled people facing cuts in their welfare benefits.

Although the CSP was not among those speaking to the motion, the concerns raised by the TUC Disabled Workers' Conference and other unions have also been voiced by CSP members – in particular the tests of benefit eligibility introduced by the government and administered by Atos Healthcare.

The impact of the changes will be massive, warned a spokesperson from the Communication Workers Union, while the government has not carried out an investigation into the impact this will have on disabled people.

Steve Leggett from the Transport Salaried Staffs' Association said disabled people were to be hit nine times harder than other vulnerable groups affected by benefit cuts. TUC members needed to continue to highlight the impact of the cuts on disabled people's lives, he said.

The cuts on the horizon will force thousands of disabled people into further socio-economic deprivation and undermine their independence, congress heard.

And Unite's representative captured the mood of the hall with his comment: 'What sort of society is it where people are pulled in for crude tick box tests and then die a few weeks later?' he asked.

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