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CSP members to join 29 Sept rally for the NHS

28 August 2013 - 2:56pm

The CSP will be joining other unions, campaigners and NHS supporters on 29 September at a rally and march in Manchester to demand that the government stop its policies of competition and cuts.


NHS physiotherapist Donnie Anderton

The ‘Save Our NHS’ event, which also highlights the need for policies that promote jobs and growth, coincides with the Conservative Party conference.

Donnie Anderton, a NHS physiotherapist and CSP steward in Manchester, will be among those attending.
He says: 'I’m angry as there are so many alternatives to austerity, yet the coalition government continues along the same path.

'I am attending this event as I want the Tories to see that we as a country are not happy with this, that we do not feel that they are with us when they say “all in it together”.

‘By demonstrating and keeping the pressure on the government we will be heard and the campaign against austerity will continue to gather momentum.'

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Juliet Wilson: 'The NHS must be defended, free to all at the point of access, and must not be fragmented or privatised.'

Juliet Wilson, a recently retired physio and long-time CSP steward in Cumbria, will also be there. 'I will be marching in Manchester to ensure the Tories get the message that the NHS must be defended, free to all at the point of access, and must not  be fragmented or privatised,' she said.

CSP members are encouraged to join the march, which will assemble at Liverpool Road from 11am, moving off at 12.30pm. The rally will be held in Whitworth Park. The nearest train station to the form-up point is Deansgate but there will be signposting to the form-up area from Manchester Oxford Road or Manchester Piccadilly.

For all other details, including affordable transport options, and downloadable posters/leaflets, visit the TUC website

The CSP will cover any reasonable travel costs CSP members incur over £30.

If you’re thinking of coming, contact Karen O'Dowd, senior negotiating officer for the North West of England, email:

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