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Physios’ expertise needed in whiplash cases

31 July 2013 - 12:34pm

Physiotherapists could become accredited assessors for whiplash-related insurance claims, the CSP has suggested.


The CSP stresses that specialist physios must be involved in designing any new system

A House of Commons transport select committee report, Cost of motor insurance: Whiplash, calls for the creation of an accreditation scheme for medical practitioners working on whiplash cases.

Such professionals need not be doctors, leaving scope for physiotherapists to be involved.

Sue Browning, the CSP’s deputy chief executive, said: ‘Physiotherapists are world leaders in the research and clinical management of whiplash injuries. As such, they are regularly called upon to recognise and manage whiplash-associated disorders and act as reliable and efficient expert witnesses.

‘Any changes to the way whiplash claims are handled should be with the expert input of physiotherapists.’

Ms Browning stressed that specialist physiotherapists must be involved in designing any new system. They should be encouraged to become accredited, so that they could provide independent assessment reports, she added.

Submitted evidence

In written evidence to the committee, the CSP called for more physiotherapy involvement in whiplash cases. Chris Worsfold, a clinical physiotherapist and expert witness who specialises in whiplash injury and neck pain, gave oral evidence to the MPs on behalf of the CSP in May.

Meanwhile, Lee Robinson, clinical director of a private physiotherapy clinic in Wakefield, appeared on ITV’s Daybreak this morning to highlight the key role played by physiotherapists in whiplash cases.

Last year, Mr Robinson won a landmark court case, in which a claim made against him for a whiplash injury was rejected.

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